Celebrity personal trainer Lauren White was named as one of the "hottest" trainers in Hong Kong, apart from being a PT she's also a fitness model and motivational speaker for the Amy Winehouse Foundation.  Lauren goes into schools and shares her own inspiring story,  she talks about self-esteem, mental health, positivity and changing peoples lives.  Her approach towards beauty is truly from the inside out!    

On beauty

I'm absolutely obsessed with arbonne. I have started to use their entire range of products after finding out how natural and chemical free they are. In the evening I use their eye gel masks and nightly resurfacing pads. I also use their makeup range whenever I go out.

On travel beauty, essentials

I usually, try not to wear any makeup on my face much especially when travelling. I tend to wash my hair through with Head & Shoulders 2-in-1 as its very quick and easy to travel with, the shampoo and conditioner are in the same bottle.

On fitness

I train almost every day, usually its 10-11km runs or 2- hour spinning. I'm very into high-intensity training too and love circuits. I do rest when needed as its very important

On beauty inspirations

I love the natural and fresh look so don't really wear too much makeup or use a lot of products on my skin. My beauty inspiration would be Adriana Lima.

On eating for beauty

I take misfits nutrition protein shakes and sometimes Arbonne vegan protein for meal replacement or a snack. I eat a lot of fish (especially salmon) and eggs. 

On inner beauty 

Beauty is all about the inside and the outside. It's about loving yourself from the good, the bad and the ugly. Being the best version of yourself you can be and loving yourself before anyone else. This starts off by being comfortable in your own skin.

On her ultimate beauty tips
Never compare yourself to others.  Your own super-power is that no one can ever be you. Work on yourself as much as you can to make sure you shine from the inside-out.

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