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Hi, I'm Nomita; I'm the founder of Coco Glo. I'm a Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach + Mineral Therapy Consultant. I Help Women Heal Their Gut + Skin & Age-Well Naturally by combining Nutrition, Ayurveda & Ancient Remedies.

My fascination with beauty began in my teens when I watched my beautiful mother pamper her skin by applying homemade face masks, do facial exercises and drink beauty elixirs blended with rejuvenating Indian spices. I also often noted the beauty routines of other women that had flawless skin and read numerous books on the ancient science of Ayurveda and its relationship with beauty. I was curious to know what was the 'secret' to being magnetically radiant?

I used to suffer from skin and gut issues. I struggled with it for years. I was overweight, and in my desperate attempt to lose the weight, I decided to go on a crash diet. I managed to shed the excess weight; I lost 45 lbs.

I was diagnosed with a hormonal imbalance (PCOD) in my early twenties which led to chronic acne flare up's, poor digestion, and I put on some of the weight that I had lost. I tried several conventional medical therapies and unable to find a 'cure' I immersed more rooted in the self-healing knowledge of Ayurveda and nutrition. 


"Within four months of implementing customised healing foods, herbs, and making lifestyle changes my gut healed, my hormones functioned optimally, I lost weight and my skin completely cleared! The harsh dieting in the past was the root cause of my health issues; it weakened my 'Agni' ( digestive fire in Ayurveda), which was related to my hormonal imbalance, acne and weight gain"  

This transforming experience made me realise that food is medicine and  that there is a profound synergy between the gut and skin. It encouraged me to explore my passion and strengthen my knowledge in holistic nutrition. I am now a certified Health Coach specializing in Ayurvedic Nutrition and other ageless techniques that invoke self-healing. 

Ayurveda believes that whathow, and when we eat should be specific to our body type for optimizing digestion and vitality. In addition, the time of day, the season, and the living environment are also essential when developing an Ayurvedic Nutrition style. 

Since 2016,  I've helped numerous women improve their overall health, gut and skin . My unique approach enables you to heal inside out, by gently detoxing your body and nourishing it with the right foods (customised to your unique mind/body type), natural mineral remedies and by implementing the principles of Ayurveda.  I don't believe in crash diets, over-exercising, fasting too often or anything too extreme is necessary get results. 

Apart from my 1:1 Nutrition Coaching, I enjoy spreading awareness through workshops & articles which have been featured in mindbodygreenSouth China Morning Post. , LIV, Well MagazineFoodie, Harper's Bazaar and Green Queen.

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