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My Morning On A Plate

How do you start your day? Hitting snooze on your alarm, or leaping energetically out of bed? Journaling or gulping a cold smoothie on the way out of the door? Modern living and digital distractions can leave us feeling depleted each morning. Creating a self-care routine can be pretty transformative.  My morning routine helps me stay grounded, energized and also helps my skin look fresh.7 am - MEDITATION & HOT WATER I wake up at around; I have 250 ml of hot water to help jumpstart the digestion. I then do a 30-45 minute cosmic meditation, in which I envision light entering my chakras and recite a sacred mantra, which was given to me by my guru. The sounds from the mantras...

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    It happens every year, December rolls around, and it's go, go, go. Our calendars fill up with back-to-back parties, canapés become diet staples, we sleep less and drink more. Its no secret: the holiday festivities can be rough on your gut and skin.   So how to counter all the indulgences?  Ayurveda has natural remedies that help detoxify your body and can keep your gut 'somewhat' healthy during the holidays! These are five of my best tips. Sip On Beat The Bloat Ayurvedic Tea We dress up, look great and go out to enjoy a meal. But, within an hour we feel gassy and bloated. We wish we were back at home, cosy in bed in grandma style pyjamas. I'm...

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”We aren’t necessarily what we eat but what we digest and absorb”.⠀

”We aren’t necessarily what we eat but what we digest and absorb”.⠀⠀Ayurveda generally does not encourage too many raw or cold foods. Raw foods are harder to digest for the body in comparison to cooked food. Sure, we might lose some vitamins, minerals and enzymes whilst cooking, but if we can't digest what we are eating, it won't nourish us. ⠀⠀Can't do without your smoothie or salad? Have it between 11 am-2 pm when your digestion is the strongest. Avoid having it more than twice a week, early morning or in the evening when your digestion is the weakest.

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🍀 A Powerful Herb That Helps Sleep And Anxiety

  Ashwagandha known as the ’Indian Ginseng’ because of its rejuvenating and strengthening properties is my new go-to herb when I’m feeling stressed or anxious. Ashwagandha is an adaptogen and has been used for centuries in India to naturally lower cortisol levels by increasing the bodies resistance to stress. Other benefits include✨Improves sleep✨Enhances libido✨Balances hormonesI started taking ashwagandha after the pandemic began to help me manage anxiety. I’ve now been taking it ever since and it’s really helped! I recommend taking it before going to bed. Precautions: Avoid during pregnancy.

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My Favourite Gut-Healing Food

My favourite gut-healing food would be  GHEE. ⁣ Ghee also is known as clarified butter, has been used for thousands of years in Ayurveda for cooking and religious ceremonies, as well as therapeutically, both internally and externally.Ghee is made from butter, but has gone through a clarification process which strips away the parts of butter that are the most difficult to digest, such as lactose, casein, and whey proteins.Ghee improves digestion by enhancing the absorption in the small intestine and decreases the acidic pH of our gastrointestinal tract. It contains butyric acid which can protect against damaging cell growth in the colon. ⁣⁣According to Ayurveda, drinking a teaspoon of ghee in the morning on an empty stomach treats the body like...

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