Praise + Success Stories

"My top three goals before starting the '3- Months Beat The Bloat And Get Glowing Program'  were digestive problems and losing weight.  Nomita was able to help me towards these goals by  Eliminating my digestive issues within six weeks! After eight weeks, I have lost around 9 pounds. The programme has also reduced my night sweats and anxiety. I would recommend Nomita to anyone suffering from digestive issues and with an interest in natural remedies"

- Samantha Soloman


"Stumbling upon Nomita’s page has been one of the best things that could’ve happened to me. I’ve been suffering from terrible acne, acute PMS, anxiety and weight issues for a few years now and in less than one month into the programme with her my acne has started to settle, my anxiety is SO MUCH better and my PMS symptoms too seem to be improving. Her weekly check in’s keep me motivated and her positive energy is truly contagious. Her suggestions are super easy to follow and I cannot wait to see some more positive changes in the next two months of the programme"



"I was suffering from 6 weeks straight of acute acid-re-flux, food in tolerances such as dairy and gluten, and I was anemic.  After 3 months of being Nomita's mineral therapy programme and making changes to my diet, my dark circles, tummy aches, and acid re-flux have significantly reduced.  I recently got tested and am much more tolerable to gluten, dairy and am less anemic. I would recommend Nomita to anyone who has gut or skin issues"

- Nixxi 


"My skin has really improved after starting biochemic mineral therapy, it looks much fresher and my pigmentation is significantly less.    Also, during a recent trip to the Maldives, I noticed that my complexion has become more resilient to the sun.  I tanned but didn't burn.  My energy levels too have increased and my cramps during my period are much less.  I would recommend Nomita to anyone who is willing to give alternative healing a shot!"

-Harleen Walia


"I have been suffering from acidity ever since I was a child. Over the years it became increasingly worse and I was detected with stomach ulcers and esophageal ulcers. I had such severe reflux issues that I was on medication on and off for about 4 years. That's when I got in touch with Nomita who has really helped me bring my problems under control.  

We started with small changes, changing minor things in my diet and gradually adding more over time. We added probiotics, aloe vera juice and other things that really helped my gut heal. Most importantly, through Nomita, I became more in tune with how my body reacted to the different foods especially different combination of foods and how to resolve bouts of acidity that I encounter on and off. It's this awareness and knowledge that has helped me stay off medication thus far and I'm really grateful for that!

I'm due anytime now and I must say that my acidity has been under control for most of the duration thanks to you!!!

- Hiral Sheth 

I had no idea what to expect as I had never had an Access Bar session before. My first reaction post session is a sense of clarity, light-heartedness & contentment. Happiness. Like I am seeing the space around me in HD.
Nomi has a calm & loving presence- you would feel at ease and trust in her.
Thank you for the session Nomita
-Ping Gan
 I recently did a 1-hour bar session with Nomita. I didn't know what to expect. I was told to lie down, close my eyes and relax. Nomita lightly touched different points across my head, neck, forehead, and soon enough, I drifted in a state of semi-conscious. I felt so light that I would float in and out of sleep. It was the most relaxing and liberating 1-hour session. When Nomita completed running the bars, my body/ mind was in an utterly relaxing trance. Nomita is exceptionally gifted with her touch, and she has this fantastic ability to put your mind and body in a deeply meditative state.
I was so impressed by the bars, that I requested Nomita to carry a session on my five-year-old son. He is very active and at times, quite anxious. Hardly had the session started that he fell into a deep sleep and woke up much calmer. Each time we go back to Hong Kong, I make sure that we both have a session with Nomita. I cannot praise and thank her enough for allowing us to experience this sense of inner peace and calmness. I would highly recommend anyone to try out her sessions.
- Gallina Hathiramani 

"My top three goals upon starting the 6- month program were to improve my skin and hair quality, boost my immunity (frequent colds), overall clarity of thoughts and enhance muscle tone.  Nomita was able to help me work towards these goals by introducing me to superfoods, biochemic tissue salts (which really helped my skin and hair), Tibetan Rites exercises and improvising my diet.

The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the program has been an increase in muscle tone (leaner body), improved skin quality and clarity, improvement in hair texture and thickness and mind clarity. The most significant overall change I have noticed has been skin and hair quality.  I would describe Nomita as calm, poised, knowledgeable, non-judgmental, spiritual and caring. I would recommend Nomita to all my friends and family who are looking for improvement in overall wellness and would like to deepen their connection between the mind, body, and soul.

It's been a pleasure learning from Nomita Hathiramani she's added at least 5-7 years to my youth! THANK YOU!"

-Harsh Dalmia 

My first Access Bars experience was both relaxing and moving. I had no idea what to expect from the session itself but Nomita is such a special soul, I was happy just to share the experience with her. I didn’t feel much at first but soon after I started to notice difference sensations in my body. I felt warm sensations in my arms and legs and then a feeling of energy moving across my head. The whole experience brought me so much peace and it gave me the chance to really focus on what I hoped to gain from it. When Nomita ended the session I felt a huge rush of energy pass from the top of my head to my toes. She later told me she hadn’t even touched me at that moment but the tingling sensations lasted for nearly a minute after. 
We did the session just before bedtime and it was the first time I could remember not waking up during the night. The next morning I felt lighter and my mind was much clearer and calmer.
I wish I lived closer to Nomita to continue these sessions with her.

 - Sara Best 

"The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the program has been -Weight loss, better skin, and calmer mind. The most significant overall change I have noticed has been more aware of my diet and more belief in myself. 

 Nomita is patient she has the right balance of pushing you and not being too pushy. She completely adapted to my personality. She is accessible and overall lively, positive and an easy person. I would recommend Nomita to anyone wanting to make a life change, rather everyone as this programme helps make you a better positive person.

Nomita was more than a nutritionist; I have learned so much through her and would love to see what else she has to offer. Thank you for everything"

- Aparna Gupta 



 "Nomita was able to demystify and explain in simple terms what feels like a complex topic and articulate how all of us could make small changes in our daily lives that could have a positive impact on our overall well being. The workshop was also highly interactive, friendly and informative"

- Varsha

"Thank you for running the 'Get Glowing' workshop yesterday at Spicebox! The workshop was immensely informative. My girlfriend and I have both been health fanatics for years and we learned so many new great tips. Nomita also prepared very helpful printouts and gifts for us to take home to try, it was all very thoughtful and kind of her. I really loved her energy too, it was easy and comfortable to connect with her. I recommend giving Nomita a shot if you're interested in transforming your health. She's running another workshop again at Spicebox next week, check it out of you can"

- Corie Chu