What is a mineral deficiency? What are the common symptoms and signs of mineral deficiencies?

Do you have a good diet, lifestyle and doing will the 'right things' but still struggling with specific health issues? This possibly could be related to mineral deficiencies. Our body is made up of essential minerals, and a disruption of their balance can cause all sorts of havoc.

✔️ Muscle Cramping (including period cramps)

✔️ Acidity, bloating, constipation, IBS 

✔️Low energy


✔️ Insomnia

✔️ Inflammation

Replenishing the system gently with the necessary essential minerals is vital for healing.


The face is a primary indicator of our wellbeing; deficiencies in minerals show initially even before physical symptoms do. The first signs of deficiencies that one may notice include:

  • Colour (pigmentation, ashy-grey colour, discolouration on eyelids, dark circles)
  • Form (wrinkles, moisture changes, open pores, puffy skin and eye bags) 
  • Brightness (dull skin, pale complexion)

One of the great benefits of using tissue salts is that besides restoring health, they can help restore youth and beauty. Once the body heals with the minerals, skin conditions improve or sometimes even disappear.  



What are Biochemic Minerals (tissue salts)?

Biochemic Minerals (Tissue salts) are homeopathically prepared minerals which support healing processes in the body by regulating mineral levels in the cells.  They were developed, promoted and successfully put into practice as the therapeutic system by Dr Willhelm Heinrich Schuessler at the end of the 19th Century.

What are tissue salts made from? how do they work?  

Tissues salts consist of the same minerals that are found in rocks and the soil.  Interestingly, these essential minerals are what our bodily tissues are also made from.  When the necessary minerals (tissue salts) are replenished the body heals itself. 

What Causes Mineral Deficiencies?

In a perfect world, a healthy diet supplies most of these minerals. However, due to modern lifestyles, depletion of these essential minerals can arise from


✔️ Poor nutrition

✔️ High-stress levels

✔️ Soil depletion

✔️Radiation (e.g. microwaves, 4G, computers) and



“The body is a self-curing mechanism, and it will maintain its efficiency provided it has a normal supply of all those elements particular to its substance.”

Why do they work so well and fast?

The salts are absorbed via the mucous membrane into the bloodstream and directly into the cells. They and are not dependent on digestive processes to release the beneficial nutrients. 


    1 hr / USD 250/ HKD 1960

    Follow Up - USD 100/ HKD 780

    You can have the consultation via Zoom or in-person. 

    • Includes One month supply of minerals  (tissue salts) - (valued at USD 125/ HKD 1000)
    • 1-hr in-depth Mineral Assessment  In which we will discuss a  comprehensive questionnaire (I will send you before the session), symptoms and history.
    • Facial Diagnosis- I  will have a look at your face photos, tongue and teeth, this provides me with a clearer idea of the long-standing mineral deficiencies you have. 
    • A descriptive analysis and mineral treatment plan with mineral  recommendations