Nomita talks on various topics: Beauty + Nutrition, Gut Health, Ayurveda & Tissue Salts. Her style is casual, fun, interactive & informative. 


  • 'Get Glowing'6 keys to nourishing the body and get glowing skin- Learn the primary causes of skin problems, what you can do to improve your skin, what foods to eat and what to avoid, 'Get Glowing' Recipes and taste some yummy skin boosting super-foods/drinks.

  • Mineral Therapy- Women's Wellness. Beauty. Rejuvenation + Facial Diagnosis demos!  Why it works, how it can benefit women’s health concerns and how we can use them for skin rejuvenation. 

  • Ayurveda for Women's Health, Rejuvenation & Beauty 

    Who can benefit?

    • A wellness festival
    • A women's health conference 
    • A spa
    • A yoga or fitness studio
    • Alternative healing centres

        Nomita can also personalise speaking events according to your client's requirements. contact us if you would like to schedule a talk or connect.



        "Thank you for running the 'Get Glowing' workshop yesterday at Spicebox! The workshop was immensely informative. My girlfriend and I have both been health fanatics for years and we learned so many new great tips. Nomita also prepared very helpful printouts and gifts for us to take home to try, it was all very thoughtful and kind of her. I really loved her energy too, it was easy and comfortable to connect with her. I recommend giving Nomita a shot if you're interested in transforming your health. She's running another workshop again at Spicebox next week, check it out of you can"
        - Corie Chu