5 Tips On How To 'DETOX' During The Holidays

Every year, December rolls around, and it's go, go, go. Our calendars fill up with back-to-back parties, canapés become diet staples, we sleep less and drink more. It's no secret: the holiday festivities can be rough on your gut and skin. 

 So how to counter all the indulgences? 

Ayurveda has natural remedies that help detoxify your body and keep your gut 'somewhat' healthy during the holidays! These are five of my best tips.

Sip On Beat The Bloat Ayurvedic Tea

We dress up, look great and go out to enjoy a meal. But, within an hour, we feel gassy and bloated. We wish we were back at home, cosy in bed in grandma style pyjamas. I'm sure this has happened to all of us before. Drinking this healing Ayurvedic' infusion' half an hour after food reduces bloating and helps cleanse the body channels and toxins from the body. To enhance the detoxifying process, you can make a larger quantity, pour the water in a thermos and sip throughout the day. 

Load up on fibre 

Make sure you eliminate each morning. Snacking, indulging in heavy foods, and being off routine can cause constipation, leading to headaches, acne flare-ups, and puffy skin. If your elimination is sluggish or blocked, start your day with a tablespoon of ground flaxseed with 500 ml of hot water. Flaxseed is high in fibre which prevents constipation,  helps your body get rid of waste products and keep your skin clear.

 Practice Sun Salutations

Start your morning with a couple of rounds of sun salutations. The yogic sequence help opens up your heart chakras, release endorphins (happy hormones), move blocked emotions out of the body and clear toxins that can clog the lymphatic system and cause break-outs or dull skin. 

Coconut Water - The Hangover Cure

Wake up looking less glowy than last night? It's because your body is dehydrated, making your skin dry and sensitive. Coconut water is the best hangover cure! It has a high concentration of electrolytes and minerals and will rehydrate your body, ease your headache and hydrate your skin.

Walk Outdoors. 

Walk in the sun for 20- 30 minutes. The sun has abundant healing energy; it can improve your mood and stimulate your Agni (digestive fire). Connecting with nature can also help you stay grounded and centred, which is essential when you aren't following routine.


Happy Holidays! 

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