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🍀 A Powerful Herb That Helps Sleep And Anxiety

  Ashwagandha known as the ’Indian Ginseng’ because of its rejuvenating and strengthening properties is my new go-to herb when I’m feeling stressed or anxious. Ashwagandha is an adaptogen and has been used for centuries in India to naturally lower cortisol levels by increasing the bodies resistance to stress. Other benefits include✨Improves sleep✨Enhances libido✨Balances hormonesI started taking ashwagandha after the pandemic began to help me manage anxiety. I’ve now been taking it ever since and it’s really helped! I recommend taking it before going to bed. Precautions: Avoid during pregnancy.

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My Favourite Gut-Healing Food

My favourite gut-healing food would be  GHEE. ⁣ Ghee also is known as clarified butter, has been used for thousands of years in Ayurveda for cooking and religious ceremonies, as well as therapeutically, both internally and externally.Ghee is made from butter, but has gone through a clarification process which strips away the parts of butter that are the most difficult to digest, such as lactose, casein, and whey proteins.Ghee improves digestion by enhancing the absorption in the small intestine and decreases the acidic pH of our gastrointestinal tract. It contains butyric acid which can protect against damaging cell growth in the colon. ⁣⁣According to Ayurveda, drinking a teaspoon of ghee in the morning on an empty stomach treats the body like...

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Six Ayurvedic Lifestyle Habits That Help Me During Tough Times

Challenging periods can make us feel more anxious, overwhelmed or emotionally low.  We each go through something different. Everyone will have their habits to help them during tough times; these are six daily lifestyle habits that I've implemented from the healing wisdom of Ayurveda that helps me feel me more grounded and emotionally balanced.  See what works for you and stick to it. Wake up earlierWaking up early is essential to preventing depression, because sleeping during the late morning, causes the shrotas, or channels of communication, to be clogged with impurities, leading to the dullness of mind and feeling low. Ayurveda recommends waking up with the Sun, but I try to at least waking up before 7 am. Cleanse Your BowelsMake sure you eliminate each morning. Constipation can...

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Do you feel exhausted, irritable, or experience cramps before or during your period? During our cycle, the body goes through lots of changes; its purpose is to eliminate toxins and prepare the body for conception. Implementing these Ayurvedic nutrition and lifestyle tips will support the purification process and nourish the body, which can make your period smoother.  Warm liquidy foods Your digestive fire is weaker during this time. Ayurveda suggests Including foods that are easy to digest, such as warm, mushy foods with a smooth texture such as soup, vegetable puree or kichadi. Avoid raw or cold food, i.e. salads.  Spices Use the following spice mix when you cook to help unclog the microcirculatory channels and balance your cycle. Mix...

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I Have A Plan Do You Trust Me? - Universe

     Sometimes when things don't work out as we would have liked, we feel stuck and often ask ourselves why me? What did I do wrong? I don't deserve this, do I? We fail to realise that these 'thoughts' create fear, insecurities, and other negative feelings that stop us from living and experiencing life to the fullest. They make us lose faith in the universe's miraculous energy, which in reality only has the BEST INTENTION for us, (regardless of how awful a situation may seem at that time). All we have to do is be aware, listen to the signs and most importantly, trust the universe's flow. When we start believing in its power, we naturally learn to give...

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