Mineral Deficiency + Facial Diagnostics Consultation

Mineral Deficiency + Facial Diagnostics Consultation

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Dull skin, premature wrinkles, gut issues and low energy may not necessarily be part of the ageing process but could be related to biochemic mineral (tissue salt) deficiencies. In a perfect world, a healthy diet supplies most of these minerals. However, due to modern lifestyles, depletion of these essential minerals can arise from poor nutrition, high-stress levels, soil depletion, radiation (e.g. microwaves, 4G, computers) and pollution.

Disruption of their balance can cause various health conditions such as bloating, acidity, skin conditions (dull skin, premature wrinkles, puffiness, pigmentation), low energy, period cramps and anxiety. 

Replenishing the system gently with the necessary essential minerals is vital for healing. To know more about tissue salts click here


What's Included In The Consultation

You can have the consultation via Zoom or in-person. 

  • 1.5-hour in-depth Mineral Assessment  In which we will discuss a  comprehensive questionnaire (I will send you before the session), symptoms and history.
  • Facial Diagnosis- I  will have a look at your face photos, tongue and teeth, this provides me with a clearer idea of the long-standing deficiencies you have. 
  • A descriptive analysis and  mineral treatment plan with tissue salt recommendations
  • One-Month Supply of minerals (valued at $850) 


Step 1:

Click here, and provide me with the information below. I will send you a mineral analysis questionnaire to fill out via email. 

  • Email address
  • A brief description of your complaint,
  • Your country and nearest city and time-zone,
  • General available days and hours in your local time-zone,
  • Your preferred connection method.

You will be contacted as soon as possible to schedule an appointment via Zoom or in person.

Step 2:

email your questionnaire along with a high-quality portrait picture of yourself (without any makeup) to nomita@cocoglo.co at least 48 hours before your consultation. 

Step 3:

The consultation is a 1.5-hour in-depth Mineral Analysis and Facial Diagnosis in person or via Zoom. 

 Step 4:

After the consultation, you will receive a treatment plan with Biochemic Mineral recommendations.