90-Day Reset Your Gut And Get Glowing Program

90-Day Reset Your Gut And Get Glowing Program

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Want to be bloat-free and have radiant skin naturally?

  •  Heal your gut at a cellular level (reduce acidity, constipation, IBS)
  •  No more bloating 
  • Clear glowing skin
  • Shed extra weight
  • More energy
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Improved mood and more! 


This Program Is For You, If You:

 ✔️  Suffer from acidity, constipation or irregular bowel movements
 ✔️  Feel bloated regardless of what you eat
 ✔️ Have dull skin, pigmentation, acne or puffy skin
 ✔️ Are ageing prematurely
 ✔️ Have brain fog
 ✔️ Have tried several treatments, but still struggling with your gut and skin
 ✔️ Are looking for lasting, sustainable results


    "After 3 months of being on Nomita's  programme and making changes to my diet, my dark circles, tummy aches, and acid re-flux have significantly reduced.  I recently got tested and am much more tolerable to gluten, dairy and am less anaemic. I would recommend Nomita to anyone who has gut or skin issues"


     What Is The Root Cause Of Most Gut And Skin Issues? 

    • Having a diet and lifestyle that contradicts your 'Unique Biology.'
    • Stress
    • Wrong food combinations
    • Cellular dehydration
    • Mineral and vitamin deficiencies
    • Processed foods
    • Chronic inflammation


    •  Discover gut friendly foods for your unique mind/body type
    • Schedule your meals to help you heal your gut, skin and have more energy
    • A tool to help you test unique food sensitivities
    • Reduce inflammation
    • Balance your digestion
    • An evening routine to enhance sleep
    • Ayurvedic home remedies to help you get glowing
    • Detoxification practices  

    • 12 one-to-one weekly Nutrition coaching sessions ( 1 x 90 min, 11 x 30 min) via zoom or in-person
    • Ayurveda & Mineral Deficiency Assessment/ Facial Diagnosis   
    • Personalised nutrition, lifestyle and mineral guidelines for your 'unique biology'
    • 12 -weeks unlimited support
    • Learn the foundations of Ayurvedic cooking and meal planning 
    • A customised grocery list 
    • Shopping trip
    • Recipes 


      I swapped acne medication for an Ayurvedic Inspired Diet/Lifestyle & healed my gut and skin naturally!

      I understand how it feels to have skin and gut issues. I struggled with it for years. I was diagnosed with a hormonal imbalance (PCOD) in my early twenties which led to chronic acne flare up's, poor digestion and excess weight. I tried several allopathic therapies and unable to find a 'cure' I immersed more rooted in the self-healing knowledge of Ayurveda and nutrition. Within four months of implementing healing foods, herbs, and making lifestyle changes my hormones functioned optimally, my gut healed, I shed the excess weight and my skin cleared. This incident made me realise that food is medicine and that there is a profound synergy between the gut and skin. It encouraged me to explore my passion and study holistic nutrition at the Institute For Integrative Nutrition, Ayurvedic nutrition and other ageless techniques that invoke self-healing. 

      Over the years, I've helped numerous women heal their gut and skin by using a combination of the right food (customised to your mind/body type) Ayurveda. 

      You too can heal your gut and skin naturally! I'm committed to helping you get there but first let's chat to too see if we'd be a good fit!

      Schedule your FREE 30-minute call with me here and lets get started!