Do you feel exhausted, irritable, or experience cramps before or during your period? During our cycle, the body goes through lots of changes; its purpose is to eliminate toxins and prepare the body for conception. Implementing these Ayurvedic nutrition and lifestyle tips will support the purification process and nourish the body, which can make your period smoother. 

Warm liquidy foods

Your digestive fire is weaker during this time. Ayurveda suggests Including foods that are easy to digest, such as warm, mushy foods with a smooth texture such as soup, vegetable puree or kichadi. Avoid raw or cold food, i.e. salads. 


Use the following spice mix when you cook to help unclog the microcirculatory channels and balance your cycle. Mix six tsp fennel, one tsp black cumin, one tsp cumin powder, six tsp coriander powder, one tsp turmeric and one tsp black pepper. Sauté the mix in organic ghee and add it to your meals.

Organic Ghee

Include organic ghee; It helps lubricate and nourish the reproductive tissues, it supports the menstruation flow in a downward direction which relieve cramps, bloating and headaches. Ghee also has satvik properties (pure, natural, energetic and clean), so it helps reduce stress, anxiety and mood swings. 

Prunes and figs

If you're more constipated than usual, include cooked prunes and figs in your diet. They will help stimulate bowel movements. 

Ayurvedic Lifestyle suggestions during your period include having a routine, eating meals at about the same time each day, reducing exercise and going to bed before 10 Pm.  The over 3000-year-old healing system emphasises to avoid things that make you upset or worried during this time. Use this time to go inward. 





Photo by Calum Lewis on Unsplash

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