Akar skin has been featured in Vogue and Elle and is a favourite of the gorgeous fashion model Sian Garnett.  Kate, the young founder of the unique Tibetan inspired skin care line, shares her personal journey, philosophy on beauty and her skin care essentials with us.

On Akar Skin
I dived into wellness and started Akar after a sudden health incident that made me more aware of what I was putting on my skin. My goal for Akar is to become the go-to brand for people seeking clean and effective beauty, as well as a source of positive inspiration and knowledge for wellness seekers. I envisioned Akar as trustworthy and wise while caring as a brand; just like a friend that you would go to for wellness-related advice!

On Skin Care

It’s a disciplined routine, just like our current Akar set which includes the minimal toner, face oil, eye serum, and lip balm. We will be introducing serums, moisturizers and balms to provide additional skin benefits next year. My personal skin care routine starts off with a double cleanse at night, with a cleansing oil to remove makeup and dirt, followed by a gel cleanser to really cleanse the skin and prep it for leave on products.

On Travel Beauty Essentials

Our entire collection at the moment. They are the essentials and each has their own place. Our current travel sizes are quite heavy but soon we will introduce a much lighter set.

On Beauty Treatments
My weekly routine involves a clay mask to detox and gel mask for deep exfoliation, so that my skin care can be absorbed better. I also do facial guasha every night at least 4 times a week and micro-needling with my GloPro derma roller from BeautyBioscience at home on days when I don’t do guasha.
On Beauty Inspirations
My trip to Tibet really sparked my interest in traditional Eastern ingredients and I was motivated to create products that harmonize both Eastern and Western traditional ingredients. The Tibetan plateau was my main source of inspiration behind Akar. We source local ingredients from there, such as sea buckthorn and goji berries, as the area is known for its clean air, soil and sustainable growing & harvesting practices.  When not sourcing in Tibet, we secure organic and wild-harvested ingredients from growers who share our values. I am a firm believer in beauty made simple, which is why we only include ingredients that benefit the skin and do not have fillers in our products.
On Fitness
Always been a love-hate relationship. I could never do the same cardio exercise for an extended period of time. Recently, however, I discovered interval training and am beginning to feel better about working out.
On Her Ultimate Beauty Tip
Daily facial guasha! It’s good for lymphatic drainage before bed and I use our Neat Remedy face oil with my guasha tool. Guasha helps to keep wrinkles at bay by breaking down stiffened collagen deposit, plus it helps me get a good night’s rest.










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