Premature wrinkles, puffy skin, and dull skin may not necessarily be part of the ageing process but could be related to Biochemic tissue salt deficiencies. Tissue salts are homeopathically prepared minerals, which are found naturally in the human body.  They help to harmonise and stimulate the body's healing powers by gently regulating mineral levels in the cells. This self-healing method was developed by Dr Schuessler a homeopathically trained doctor in the late 19th Century.

The salts are absorbed via the mucous membrane into the bloodstream and directly into the cells and tissues of the body in a short time, and are not dependent on digestive processes to release the beneficial nutrients. Disruption of their balance can cause various health conditions and replenishing the system with the necessary essential minerals is vital for healing.

“The body is a self-curing mechanism, and it will maintain its efficiency provided it has a normal supply of all those elements particular to its own  substance.”

Depletion of these essential minerals can arise from poor nutrition, high-stress levels, post-natal, soil depletion, radiation  (e.g. microwaves, 4G, computers) and pollution.

One of the other great benefits of using tissue salts is that besides restoring health is they can help restore a look of youth and beauty. 

The face is a primary indicator of our wellbeing; deficiencies in minerals show on the face even before physical symptoms do. Therefore, Facial Diagnosis is an essential complementary tool used in Biochemic-Therapy to identify these deficiencies and the skin condition is used as a reference to supply the necessary tissue salt remedies. Some of these indicators show up on the skin as swellings, redness, the formation of wrinkles, paleness and discolourations (e.g. pigmentation). Facial analysis is not the only tool used for remedies but complemented by signs on or of the body, noticeable disorders, needs (e.g. cravings) and behavioural symptoms.

One of the most exciting aspects of Biochemic-Therapy is that once the body heals with the supporting tissue salts, skin tags reduce or can often even disappear!


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