1-HOUR CONSULTATION CALL // $2500The face is a primary indicator of our wellbeing; deficiencies in minerals show on the face even before physical symptoms do. Therefore, Facial Diagnosis is an essential complementary tool used in Biochemic Mineral Therapy.  Its the first things I do to identify mineral deficiencies.  Some of these indicators can show up on the skin as 

  • Colour (pigmentation, ashy-grey colour, discolouration on eyelids, dark-circles)
  • Form (wrinkles, open pores, puffy skin, eye bags) 
  • Brightness (dull skin, pale complexion)

During the second part of the consultation, we will discuss your mineral analysis assessment ( which is comprehensive questionnaire I will send you prior the session).  We will also discuss your history, concerns, goals, dietary habits, lifestyle and emotional well-being.  Biochemic Mineral Therapy is customised to each person's unique constitution. It's essential for me to understand your body as a 'whole' for an accurate diagnosis.  After this in-depth assessment, I suggest specific biochemic minerals (tissue salts) suited to your constitution and requirements.

    One of the great benefits of using tissue salts is that besides restoring health is they can help restore a look of youth and beauty. Once the body heals with the minerals, skin conditions improve or sometimes even disappear.  


    You can have the consultation via Skypephone or in-person. 

    • 1.5-hour in-depth Mineral Assessment  In which we will discuss a  comprehensive questionnaire (I will send you before the session), symptoms and history.
    • Facial Diagnosis- I  will have a look at your face photos, tongue and teeth, this provides me with a clearer idea of the long-standing deficiencies you have. 
    • A descriptive analysis and  mineral treatment plan with tissue salt recommendations 




    According to the 5000- year old science, we each have an ’unique biology’. We are made up of three different 'body types' which creates our specific physical and personality characteristics, known as Doshas. These are ⠀

    Vata, Pitta and Kapha, each of which reflects two qualities of the five universal elements (ether, air, water, fire, earth). We each have varying proportions of each dosha, generally one or two in dominance. ⠀

    ✨VATA- Air + Ether ⠀
    ✨PITTA - Fire + Water ⠀
    ✨KAPHA - Earth + Water

    Each different body type or dosha has its own ’digestive personality’ (more prone to specific gut conditions.). Once you know your unique dosha or digestive personality, Ayurveda has excellent customised dietary and lifestyle solutions that can help CLEANSE. NOURISH and RESET the gut. Benefits of a healthy gut include reduced inflammation, improved absorption of nutrients, mental clarity, enhanced energy levels, better skin and overall vitality. ⠀ ⠀

    • 1:1 Ayurveda Inspired Nutrition Consultation (1hr 15-minutes via zoom or in-person)
    • Dosha (mind/body type) Assessment 
    • Body's strengths and weakness 
    • Personalised Dietary and Lifestyle steps for your unique mind-body type
    • Ayurvedic Recipes

    **I will adjust the amount for the 'What Is Your Digestive Personality Type Session' if you decide to sign up for the '90-Day Reset Your Gut And Get Glowing Program'.




    In this 1-hour session, I will do an in-depth review of your health history, main concerns, and goals. 

    Your intake forms, health history, and food journal will all be reviewed during this call (intake forms are emailed to you upon payment). 

    This is a deep dive into all areas of your health and lifestyle, so we can work together to create the best nutrition + supplement protocol and put a strategic plan of action in place. 

    Come to this session with all your questions, so we can address the most important areas of concern and get you on the path forward to optimal health. If you decide you would rather invest in our 12 week program Reset Your Gut Program, you can upgrade this option to The Reset You Gut Program less the cost of this initial consultation.

    • 1 60-Minute Assessment
    • Review of Health History + Intake Forms
    • Ayurvedic Summarized Nutritional Recommendations + Protocols
    • Lifestyle and Supplement Recommendations + Protocols