Copy of "The term Ayurveda is the combination of two words AAYUS and VEDA. AAYUS means life and VEDA means knowledge or science". Hence the term 'Ayurveda' means the Science of life'

According to the 5000- year old science, we each have a 'unique biology' and are made up of three different 'body types' which creates our specific physical and personality characteristics, known as Doshas. These are Vata, Pitta and Kapha each of which reflects two qualities of the five universal elements (ether, air, water, fire, earth). We each have varying proportions of each dosha, generally one or two in dominance.   

Ayurveda believes,  what, how and when we eat should be personalised to your our unique body-mind type or dosha for optimising digestion and vitality.   The time of day, the season and where we live is also essential when developing an Ayurvedic Nutrition style.

Implementing An Ayurvedic Inspired Nutrition And Beauty Routine Can Help With:

  • Skin conditions (acne, pigmentation, puffiness, dry skin, premature ageing)
  • Bloating
  • Constipation
  • Acidity
  • Enhanced detoxification
  • Improved fertility and reproductive health
  • Weight management
  • Energy levels
  • Sleep issues
  • Anxiety
  • Pre-Conception support

The Consultation

I will send you an Ayurvedic assessment to fill up; this will help me evaluate your constitutional type. e.g. Vata; Pitta or Kapha

We will then set up a meeting or a conference call to discuss your evaluation, concerns, goals and general well-being. I will then make dietary and lifestyle recommendations based on your constitution. 

    A follow-up session will then be scheduled two-weeks later. 



     "Most importantly, through Nomita, I became more in tune with how my body reacted to the different foods especially different combination of foods and how to resolve bouts of acidity that I encounter on and off. It's this awareness and knowledge that has helped me stay off medication thus far and I'm really grateful for that!" - Hiral