12-Weeks RESET Your Gut Program

A Journey to Learn the Secret of Self-Healing and Embrace Your Natural Beauty

Are you tired of feeling bloated or inflamed? Or have low energy all the time? Have you been looking for a magic "cure" for all your struggles? Of course, we all want to be healthy, so we can do what we love and enjoy every meal with our loved ones. BUT there's always something stopping us...

Keep reading if any of these sounds familiar to you

  • Acidity, constipation, irregular bowel movements after a meal (even if it's just a salad)
  • Bloated stomach regardless of what you eat and how much you exercise 
  • Dull skin, pigmentation, acne, puffy skin (try spending $5000 on skincare with no results)
  • Premature ageing
  • Anxiety
  • Fatigue and constant tiredness
  • Brain fog (tired but worse) 
  • Fluctuated mood

You are constantly wrestling with your body, not knowing WHY your diet is not working.

You have done tons of research on HOW to improve your skin, mood, and digestion.

You tried and failed many times to figure out WHAT you have done wrong.

And above all, you are frustrated for failing yourself over and over again. 

What if you can improve all the struggles in just 12-Weeks?

And all you need to do is RESET your gut.

Recognize your unique mind/body type

Eliminate whatever is hurting your gut

Shift to a sustainable healthy lifestyle

Empower yourself with self-healing knowledge

Transform into a better version of yourself




Hi, I am Nomita, and I'm here to help. 

I understand how frustrating it can feel to have gut & skin issues. I struggled with it for years. When I was diagnosed with a hormonal imbalance (PCOD) in my early twenties which led to chronic acne flare up's, poor digestion and excess weight. I tried several allopathic therapies with no apparent results, I turned to look for self-healing solutions and immersed more rooted in the knowledge of Ayurveda and nutrition.

Within four months of implementing healing foods, herbs, and a lifestyle change my hormones functioned optimally, my gut healed, I shed the excess weight and my skin cleared.

I realised that food is medicine and our skin in a reflection of what we eat. It encouraged me to explore my passion and strengthen my knowledge in holistic nutrition. I am now a certified Health Coach specializing in Ayurvedic Nutrition and other ageless techniques that invoke self-healing

Ayurveda believes that whathow, and when we eat should be specific to our body type for optimizing digestion and vitality. In addition, the time of day, the season, and the living environment are also essential when developing an Ayurvedic Nutrition style. 

Over the years, I've helped numerous women heal their gut and skin by combining the right food, Ayurvedic nutrition, and natural remedies customized to their unique mind and body type.

What do people think after working with me?

"Within weeks, my digestive problems were solved and have not returned. Gradually, reliance on addictive substances like sugar and alcohol has reduced. After four months on the program, I lost about 14 pounds. I feel calmer. I am making better choices on how to fuel my body with nutritious and natural foods. Samantha Soloman"

"Most importantly, through Nomita, I became more in tune with how my body reacted to the different foods, especially different combinations of foods, and how to resolve bouts of acidity that I encounter on and off. It's this awareness and knowledge that has helped me stay off medication thus far, and I'm grateful for that! - Hiral Sheth"  

What you will get in the 12-Weeks Reset Your Gut Program 

  • 1x 90 minutes in-depth Nutrition consultation to understand your unique mind/body type
  • 11x 30-minute one-to-one weekly Nutrition coaching sessions to help you adapt to a new healthy lifestyle
  • Ayurveda & Mineral Deficiency Assessment/ Facial Diagnosis   
  • 1-Month Supply of homoeopathically prepared minerals (valued at HKD850)
  • Go-to-Gut Healing Foods specifically for your mind/body type
  • Lifestyle Recommendations
  • 12 - weeks unlimited motivational support 
  • Ayurvedic cooking and meal planning foundations
  • Nutrition-packed, tailor-made recipes for you
  • A customized grocery list for your daily nutrition needs
  • A shopping trip with you to local grocery stores

PLUS so much more!!

In just 12-Weeks, you will be able to...

Understand your unique mind/body type so you can make the right food and lifestyle choices for your gut

  • Heal your gut at a cellular level so you can reduce acidity, inflammation, and IBS symptoms 
  • Restore a healthy digestive system so you can beat the bloat
  • See yourself in clear and glowing skin so you can feel beautiful makeup-free
  • Shed extra weight that you have been trying to get rid of so you can finally be confident in your yoga pants
  • Learn the essentials of Ayurvedic remedies so you can heal yourself naturally
  • Develop an evening routine so you can sleep better and recharge yourself
  • Have more energy so you can achieve your optimal productivity
  • Balance your hormones so you can regain your emotional and physical stability
  • Lead a sustainable, lasting, healthy lifestyle so you can keep yourself accountable in the future

The 12- Week Reset Your Gut Program Is USD 1590



Join the others who regained their natural beauty & vitality with proper nutrition

"After three months, my acne is MUCH better, and the quality of my skin, too, has improved. My complexion is much brighter. The best part is I can now go out make-up-free!.- Prerna Mehra"

"I would recommend Nomita to Anyone who would like help with gut repair, skin issues, hormonal concerns, and just anyone wanting to take care of their health in a holistic way. It has been a pleasure working with Nomita over the six weeks - I went to her a wreck, and I've come out as a healthier and happier person! My skin is clear, my digestion is smooth, and my overall energy has increased dramatically.- Mandie"

You don't have to struggle alone

Together, we will find the best practice for you and help you reset your health. If you have any questions regarding your gut health and skin problem, feel free to reach out and schedule a complimentary 30-minute initial session with me by clicking the button below.