" You can trace every sickness, every disease and every alignment to a mineral deficiency, Dr Linus Pauling."

Dull skin, premature wrinkles, gut issues and low energy may not necessarily be part of the ageing process but could be related to  mineral deficiencies. In a perfect world, a healthy diet supplies most of these minerals. However, due to modern lifestyles, depletion of these essential minerals can arise from poor nutrition, high-stress levels, soil depletion, radiation (e.g. microwaves, 4G, computers) and pollution. 

What are Biochemic Minerals?

Biochemic mineral therapy are homeopathically prepared minerals (tissue salts), which are found naturally in the human body. They help to harmonise and stimulate the body's natural healing powers by gently regulating mineral levels in the cells. This self-healing method was developed by Dr Schuessler, a homeopathically trained doctor in the late 19th Century.  

What Can Tissue Salts Help With?

Disruption of their balance can cause various health conditions such as bloating, acidity, skin conditions (dull skin, premature wrinkles, puffiness, pigmentation), low energy, period cramps and anxiety. Replenishing the system gently with the necessary essential minerals is vital for healing.

How Do They Work?

The salts are absorbed via the mucous membrane into the bloodstream and directly into the cells and tissues of the body in a short time, and are not dependent on digestive processes to release the beneficial nutrients. 


    "The body is a self-curing mechanism, and it will maintain its efficiency provided it has a normal supply of all those elements particular to its substance." 




    The face is a primary indicator of our wellbeing; deficiencies in minerals show on the face even before physical symptoms do. Therefore, Facial Diagnosis is an essential complementary tool used in Biochemic Mineral Therapy.  Its the first things I do to identify mineral deficiencies.  Some of these indicators can show up on the skin as 

    • Colour (pigmentation, ashy-grey colour, discolouration on eyelids, dark-circles)
    • Form (wrinkles, open pores, puffy skin, eye bags) 
    • Brightness (dull skin, pale complexion)

    During the second part of the consultation, we will discuss your mineral analysis assessment ( which is comprehensive questionnaire I will send you prior the session).  We will also discuss your history, concerns, goals, dietary habits, lifestyle and emotional well-being.  Biochemic Mineral Therapy is customised to each person's unique constitution. It's essential for me to understand your body as a 'whole' for an accurate diagnosis.  After this in-depth assessment, I suggest specific biochemic minerals (tissue salts) suited to your constitution and requirements.

      One of the great benefits of using tissue salts is that besides restoring health is they can help restore a look of youth and beauty. Once the body heals with the minerals, skin conditions improve or sometimes even disappear.  



      What's Included In The Consultation

      You can have the consultation via Skypephone or in-person. 

      • 1-hour in-depth Mineral Assessment  In which we will discuss a  comprehensive questionnaire (I will send you before the session), symptoms and history.
      • Facial Diagnosis- I  will have a look at your face photos, tongue and teeth, this provides me with a clearer idea of the long-standing deficiencies you have. 
      • A descriptive analysis and  mineral treatment plan with tissue salt recommendations

      How Do I Schedule A Consultation? 

      Step 1:

      Click here, and provide me with the information below. I will send you a mineral analysis questionnaire to fill out via email. 

      • Email address
      • A brief description of your complaint,
      • Your country and nearest city and time-zone,
      • General available days and hours in your local time-zone,
      • Your preferred connection method.

      You will be contacted as soon as possible to schedule an appointment via skype or in person.

      Step 2:

      email your questionnaire along with a high-quality portrait picture of yourself (without any makeup) to at least 48 hours before your consultation. 

      Step 3:

      The consultation is a 1-hour in-depth Mineral Analysis and Facial Diagnosis in person or via skype. 

       Step 4:

      After the consultation, you will receive a descriptive analysis as well as a treatment plan with tissue salt recommendations.  

      Do you have questions?

      You can send your queries here