1:1 Beauty Detox Morning Routine Session

 Getting rid of toxins is the number ONE step that will help you radiate from inside out! The Beauty Detox Morning Routine Session is a  combination of self-care practices, detoxifying foods inspired by Ayurveda and other ancient techniques that can help detoxify the body by improving digestion and eliminating toxins.  It invokes natural beauty by enhancing cellular cleansing.

The morning routine is given a lot of importance in Ayurveda; as our organs are most responsive to cleansing and detoxification at this time. The way we spend the first few moments of the morning also has a significant impact on how we feel the rest of the day and can be LIFE TRANSFORMATIVE! 

After two weeks of implementing the Beauty Detox morning, routine clients noticed:

  • Brighter skin, 
  • Less bloating
  • more energy
  • improvement in  mood   


  • 1:1 session (1hr 30 mins via zoom or in-person)
  • Customised morning routine according to your unique mind-body type. 
  • Foods and recipes that enhance detoxification
  • Food combinations to avoid in the morning
  • Anti-ageing yoga sequence
  • Herbal detoxifying tea 
  • A beauty detox morning shopping list
  • Two weeks Whats app Support